Sunday, February 10, 2013

Anne Halo Compilation Playlist

Here are the track listings for the comp I made. Pick one up at the KDVS & Armadillo Record Fair today at the Davis Senior Center, or email me for one at

1. Da  - Dark Rooms       Exclamation Point [Unreleased Recordings 1980-81]   

2. Effi Briest -  Nights      Rhizomes   

3. Dark Day - Laughing Up Your Sleeve          Exterminating Angel   

4. Broken Water - Drown          Tempest   

5. My Bloody Valentine  - In Another Way           mbv    (new)

6. Young Prisms  - I Don't Get Much          Friends For Now   

7. Henry's Dress  - Hey Allison          Bust 'Em Green   

8.  Veronica Falls - Teenage        Teenage    (new)

9. Fine Steps - Tomorrow for All of Today           Boy's CO.

10. Lotus Plaza  - Strangers         Spooky Action at a Distance   

11. Warm Soda  - "Reaction"        Waiting For Your Call  (new)

12. Nobunny   - Live It Up         First Blood   

13. Gravys Drop - Mystery Girl        Gumball    (new)

14. peach kelli pop - panchito blues ii        Peach Kelli Pop  *Bachelor Records

15. Grass Widow - Whistling in the Dark       Internal Logic  

16. Teenage Jesus & the Jerks - Orphans        Beirut Slump: Shut Up And Bleed   

17. TV Ghost   - Doppleganger        Mass Dream   

18. Talk Normal  - In a Strangeland          Sugarland   

19. Blasted Canyons  - Holy Geometry       2nd Place   

20. Black Time   - A Radio In The Dark EQ'ed       Ty Segall / Black Time - Split LP   

21. DZ Deathrays - The Mess Up       No Sleep   

22. Deaf Wish  - Make It Hurt       Deaf Wish   

23. FM Knives  - Useless And Modern       Useless And Modern   

24. The Gories - I Think I've Had It       I Know You Fine, But How You Doin'   

Monday, January 28, 2013

"A Means To An End" Radio Show 10/18/12

Listen online here
(download can take several minutes)

*Violens Lavender Forces       True Slumberland
*The Golden Awesome Astronomy Autumn M'Lady's
-----------------------------air break-----------------------------
*A Place To Bury Strangers I Lost You Onwards to the Wall Dead Oceans 
 *Chinese Stars Sick Machine Turbo MattressSkin Graft

*Liars We got cold, coughed, and forgot things We No Longer Knew Who We Were Hand Held Heart and Sound Virus
*Kill Me Tomorrow Xerox My Hand The Garbageman and the Prostitute Gsl
*Talk Normal Baby, Your Heart's Too Big Sunshine Joyful Noise

*Dance Disaster Movement Seizure We Are From Nowhere Dim Mak Records
-----------------------------air break-----------------------------
*Lives of Angels Ascension Elevator To Eden Dark Entries
*Galaxie 500 Don't Let Our Youth Go to Waste Today Rough Trade
*Wymond Miles Badlands Under The Pale Moon Sacred Bones
*Fine Steps Pardon Me Boy's Co. Song Records
*Primitive Motion A Straight Line  Certain Materials Soft Abuse
-----------------------------air break-----------------------------
*Pumice/Grouper Grouper - Rising Height split 7-inch Soft Abuse
*A Silver Mount Zion Stumble Then Rise On Some Awkward Morning He Has Left Us Alone But Shafts Of Light Sometimes Grace The Corner Of Our Rooms� Constellation

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

"Rockin' Bones" Radio Show on KDVS 10/14

Download the show here

Vincent Price (narration) Vincent short film by Tim Burton
-----------------------------air break-----------------------------
The Marketts Surfer's Stomp The Surfing Theme Liberty
The Duponts Screamin' Ball (Last Night At Dracula Hall) V/A Horror Hop Buffalo Bop
Mike Fern The Head Hunters Monster Bop Buffalo Bop
-----------------------------air break-----------------------------
Terry Teene Curse the Hearse The Big Itch Mr. Manicotti
Jan and Dean Surfin' Hearse Drag City Liberty
Screaming Lord Sutch Dracula's Daughter Dracula's Daughter Oriole - 1964
Volcanoes All My Little Voodoos Into the Psyche Hybrid Records
Pandoras Haunted Beach Party It's About Time Voxx Records
-----------------------------air break-----------------------------
Bleached Electric Chair Searching Through the Pas Suicide Squeeze
Dum Dum Girls Mine Tonight End Of Daze Sub Pop dedicated to Vincent Price  
Peach Kelli Pop Panchito Blues ii Panchito Blues Infinity Cat
Cochinas Kittens Cochinas Demo Self Released  
Bobbyteens Hate Me Just A Little Cruisin' For a Bruisin' Estrus
Red Aunts All Red Inside Saltbox Epitaph
Karen O. Strange Love Frankenweenie Soundtrack
Night Of the Living Dead Barbara movie clip 1968
-----------------------------air break-----------------------------
Nasty Christmas Who Are the Flowers For? Nasty Demo self-released
Barracudas I Saw My Death In A Dream Last Night Drop Out With the Barracudas Voxx Records
Monks Shut Up Black Monk Time Repertoire
Monoshock Crypto-Zoological Disaster Walk To The Fire SS Records
Leather Nun Slow Death Slow Death EP Industrial
-----------------------------air break-----------------------------
Vampire Hands Stunning Blonde Virgin Dust American Lips Freedom From
Cyclops Lunar Fall Goat Volume IMD
Guinea Worms Super Bugged Smiles Columbus Discount
The Ketamines kill me now Spaced Out Mammoth Cave Recording Co.
Cobwebbs Everything in slow motion Look Out Anti Fade
-----------------------------air break-----------------------------
Evening Meetings Spider At Work S/T Sweet Rot
Lil Daggers King Corpse King Corpse Livid Records
King Tuff Bad Thing King Tuff Sub Pop
Detroit Cobras Heartbeat V/A Rave On Buddy Holly Fantasy Buddy Holly Cover <3 td="td">
The Voronas I Love My Monsters self-released
-----------------------------air break-----------------------------
The Gories Six Cold Feet I Know You Fine, But How You Doin'? New Rose Records

"A Means To An End" Radio Show 10/11/12 KDVS

Download the show here

Broken Water When You Said Tempest Hardly Art
-----------------------------air break-----------------------------
The Golden Awesome Autumn Autumn M'Lady's
Is/Is Fire III Guilt Ridden Pop
Puta De Cava Just You Wait Through the Forest self-released
Brute Heart Blind Folded Lonely Hunter Soft Abuse
Myrrh Untitled 8 Myrrh Soft Abuse   l
-----------------------------air break-----------------------------
Human Tetris Our Love Ends Human Tetris EP self-released
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry Hand On Heart Talk About the Weather Red Rhino Records
Teenage Jesus & the Jerks Orphans Teenage Jesus & the Jerks Lust/Unlust Music
Rat Columns Flowers Sceptre Hole Smart Guy
The Wake Plastic Flowers Something That No One Else Could Bring EP Factory Records
Young Marble Giants Constantly Changing Colossal Youth Rough Trade
Various Artists 17 Pygmies - Last Grave At Dimbaza Homework #101 Hyped 2 Death
-----------------------------air break-----------------------------
Robedoor Dungeon Crossroads Too Down To Die Not Not Fun
Feathers Phantoms Hunter's Moon self-released
-----------------------------air break-----------------------------
Christina Carter/Pocahaunted Pocahaunted - Sweat Lodge split LP Not Not Fun

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Rockin' Bones

Tonight is the premiere of my new show on KDVS called "Rockin' Bones". It will air every Sunday from 6 to 8 pm. I will be hosting as my alter ego Bloody Holly.

Get ready to rock your bones tonight!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Radio Show "A Means To An End" 10/4/12

Download the show here

  Effi Briest Longshadow Rhizomes Sacred Bones
-----------------------------air break-----------------------------
Wax Idols The Last Drop Schadenfreude (7 inch) Suicide Squeeze
Salem 66 Sleep On Flowers 1983-1987 (Your Soul Is Mine, Fork It Over) Homestead Records
  Delacave It's Too Gloomy Delacave Self Released
  Book of Love Boy Boy Sire            *request
-----------------------------air break-----------------------------
  Lorelle Meets The Obsolete   Uncomfortable  Knot   Ghost Archives Captcha
Psychic Reality Omni Psychic Reality/LA Vampires - Split Not Not Fun
LA Vampires Acid We Psychic Reality/LA Vampires - Split Not Not Fun
  Peaking Lights Tiger Eyes (Laid Back) 936 Not Not Fun
-----------------------------air break-----------------------------
  Moon Duo I Can See Circles Sacred Bones
  Blessure Grave Stop Breathing Judged By Twelve Carried By Six Alien 8
  Psychic Teens   Red Teen Golden Voyage
Camden Bloodloss Living Image Moon Glyph

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Filled In For Tangosaurus Rex 10/3/12

Psychedelic tunes...

Download the show here

Warlocks Song For Nico  Rise & Fall EP

-----------------------------air break-----------------------------
The Cosmic Dead White Rabbit Live gig @ The Captains Rest, Glasgow 11/09/10
  Psychic Ills Mantis Mirror Eye Social Registry
Dead Skeletons Dead Mantra Dead Magick Dead Skeletons
-----------------------------air break-----------------------------
  Moon Duo In the Trees Escape Woodsist
  Folkazoid IV, III, II, I self-titled EP Sacred Bones
  Wooden Shjips Down By The Sea Dos Holy Mountain
  Spanish Moss Fuzz Puzzle Kelp Spot-On Sound  
-----------------------------air break-----------------------------
Spiritualized Shine A Light Laser Guided Melodies Dedicated
  Malditos Burning Eyes S/T Alchemy Coffin   
Kinski Party SpaceLaunch For Frenchie self-released
-----------------------------air break-----------------------------
  Acid Mother's Temple L'Ambition dans le Miroir Mantra of Love Alien 8